Site Guidelines

We really appreciate your support in following our site guidelines and helping us maintain a happy, calm, restful place. The following site guidelines are designed to ensure our guests are aware of the requirements when staying at Carsington Fields.

Noise Policy

In order to maintain our peaceful, relaxing environment, we would really appreciate it, if noise can be kept to a minimum in general.

We have a no noise policy from 10pm to 8am.

No outdoor music, televisions, radios should not be audible outside of your unit.

Please consider those around you.

If you wish to play loud music, party and sit outside talking until the early hours, then Carsington Fields is not the site for you.


Strictly no fires of any kind. This includes open campfires, fire pits, fire baskets or anything similar.

Barbecues are allowed for cooking purposes only, no barbecues after 10pm.

All barbecues to be raised off the ground, bricks are provided.

Dispose of BBQs ashes in the ash bins provided on site.


Children must be supervised at all times on the site including in the toilets and showers blocks.

No children allowed in the toilet waste disposal area.

Riding of bikes is only permitted on the grass areas of the site, not on the roads or near to caravans.

Ball Games

We have a designated ball game area, where you are welcome to play games until 8pm.


Dogs must be kept on short leads at all times on the site and on your pitch.

We have a very super large dog walk/run area where your dog can be unleashed.

Please clean up after your dog on all areas, including the dog walk/run area.

We do provide dog bins and dog bags.

Pitch use

One unit/car per pitch, extra cars to park in the visitor’s car park.

No gazebos or large event /party shelters

Vehicles on site

There is a speed limit of 5 M.P.H. on the site.

No vehicle access to the site between 11pm and 8am.

Guests wishing to enter or leave the site outside of these hours, are to leave their vehicle in the visitor’s car park, between the exit and entrance gates.

We do not have facilities for charging electric cars.

Day visitors

Day visitors are allowed between 9.30 am to 10pm.

All day visitors to park in the visitor’s car park, near the entrance gate chargeable at £2 per car payable at the office.

Health and Safety

Cycling is only permitted on the grass areas.

The electric hook-up points on site are not suitable and not to be used  for charging electric cars.

The water supply is not to be used for washing cars or caravans or any other units


For the comfort and privacy of our guests we do not permit the flying of any type of drone or similar.

We really appreciate your support in following our site guidelines and helping us maintain a happy peaceful place.

Thank you so very much.